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A Millie Favorite

Monday, October 10, 2011

Autumn Leaf Windows

I write a lot about a parents perspective on cooking and children. How as parents we effect our children's lives and hopefully influence them to grow up with a love and respect of food. However, today I had the privilege of being the child.

I was free from work and school today, yet my daughter still had to attend her school. This gave me a rare day off. My mother called me and asked if I would like to go on a long walk through the wooded park across the street from my house and then have some lunch. This is truly a rare occasion that we can do this on a weekday... heck any day! Yet on this perfect October day, we made it happen.

Whether my mother will admit it or not, she had an enormous influence on me when it comes to cuisine. It was nice to spend the day with her and gather fall leaves in the park like we did when I was little. A tradition that I have carried on with my own daughter. Autumn leaves are some of the most amazing colors we see all year long. The fiery reds, burning oranges and bright yellows give a nice balance to a grey fall sky. 

I have always loved to gather fall leaves, but why not take it a little further with your children? I love making fall leaf "windows" to preserve that year's memories. It is so simple, in-expensive and most of all fun for your family. 

Before you sit down to dinner, gather the family up and take a walk through your neighborhood or local park. Your family can even make it a scavenger hunt. Look up what trees are in your neighborhood in advance and sit down with your kids and do a little research on different types of leaves. Your family could make a chart or list of what to look for when leaf hunting. You are not only learning something new and in nature, you are bonding over a new interest and creating memories. I cherish this so much in my own family and hope the same for yours. 

Supply list for "Autumn leaf windows" 

  • Fall leaves all colors and textures
  • Wax paper
  • Iron 
  • Construction paper (Fall colors)
  • Glue stick 
  • Scissors (grown ups only)
Cut out wax paper to the size and scale you want for your window. Then on one sheet place your leaves in a pattern that you like and lay the other sheet of wax paper on top. Take your iron and press the two sheets of wax paper together. The heat and steam from the iron makes the paper stick together and gives it a really nice stain glass window look. When you have pressed the paper together with your leaf pattern securely inside, then cut out your frames from construction paper. Of course if you want to do shadow boxes or larger scale frames go right ahead. After all this is your project and you should make it as unique to your family as you wish. 

Leaf Window 

The leaves I gathered with my mother


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